Goodbye brother – Charlie T.rex


Youth can be a very challanging stage for dinosaurs, especially for giant ones.

Humongous predators such as Tyrannosaurus rex, as hatchlings are noting more than defenseless chickens, that lived in an environment full of predators.

The most dangerous moments? When parents are out for a hunt. Without the protection of adults, for a Dakotaraptor a Tyrannosaurus nesting spot means easy food.

Like a fox in a henhouse the large dromeosaurid pillage the nesting site.

Our Charlie found some repair inside a cavity in a rotten trunk.
He waits, frightened and paralyzed, for the return of his parents or for the predator to disappear.

The Dakotaraptor on his side is feasting on Charlie’s little brother, who couldn’t find such a good hiding place.

Life in Hell Creek was no picnic, neither for the largest predator.

This is my entry for #charliethetrexart, an art contest based upon #projectcharlie by @crikeyitschristian and @lacerda.julio.

I wanted to depict Charlie in one of the most fragile times in the life of a Tyrannosaurus rex, youth. In my version young T. rex have a sort of fluffy down.

Hope you enjoy it!

Year: 2021

Client: Simone Zoccante / Diorama Nature

Software: Adobe Photoshop

Dimension (for Print): 50 x 50 cm @ 300 dpi

Dimension (in Pixel): 5906 x 5906 px

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