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Animals, Symbols, Stories

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  • The Wild Klondike
  • Men and Wolves

Useful for understanding

The intricate relationship between humans, wolves, and dogs, a story that has been unfolding for millennia, allows us to better understand our connection with the wild world and large predators.

Here is an excerpt from the book

Frenemies is an English neologism that describes a pair of individuals who are both friends and enemies to each other. This term perfectly captures the millennial relationship between humans and wolves.

Despite their differences, modern humans and wolves have undergone a remarkably similar evolutionary process that has made them two of the most widespread mammals on the planet. Describing in detail all the evolutionary steps that led to modern humans, wolves, and subsequently dogs, is an incredibly challenging task, as new studies and evidence can at any time confirm or refute decades of theories.

In this paragraph, we will attempt to summarize the key concepts of wolf and dog evolution and provide an estimation of the dynamics of their relationship with our species.

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