Ancient Gadoufaoua | Suchomimus tenerensis

Elrhaz formation Fauna:
– Suchomimus tenerensis
– Anhanguera sp.
– Ouranosaurus nigeriensis
– Sarcosuchus imperator

We’re on the breaking of the raining season in the territories of Ancient Gadoufaoua, in moder Niger.
Its time for Ahnanguera and Ouranosaurus to come back to enjoy the benefits of the wet season.

The spinosaurid Suchomimus instead spent the dry season in Ancient Gadoufaoua, relying mostly on lungfishes and reptiles.

Year: 2021

Client: Simone Zoccante / Diorama Nature

Software: Adobe Photoshop

Dimension (for Print): 50 x 50 cm @ 300 dpi

Dimension (in Pixel): 5906 x 5906 px

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