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Animals, Symbols, Stories

Dedicated paragraphs on the work in the book

  • The Arabian Leopard in brief
  • A desert feline
  • Arabian Leopard
  • The smallest leopard
  • A sandy-colored leopard

Useful for understanding

The Arabian leopard: a great predator in a challenging environment, once a victim of its own beauty, and now at the center of disputes with local populations. Its story is a perfect example of what it means to protect a key species in a complex world like today’s.

Here is an excerpt from the book

The sun is illuminating the mountains of Dhofar, Oman, with its last rays. We are in the midst of the dry season, and the summer monsoon, locally known as Khareef, is still far away. When its beneficial influence arrives, it will transform these mountains from a barren rocky desert into a green garden.

The landscape is arid and lifeless, and everything seems still except for a figure making its way through the dry bed of a wadi, navigating through rocks and shrubs.

The animal we are observing is the undisputed lord of these lands: the extremely rare Arabian leopard.

In this dedicated focus on the Arabian leopard, we will closely observe its unique characteristics, its habits, and understand how the arid environment and evolution have shaped this desert feline.

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